Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow prevents blisters

Passed another milestone yesterday when I ran 20 km. I was almost home at 13km and felt I had so much energy that I'd go for it. The last two K were a bitch but I think that has something to do with me running them through the city on paths I know all too well. I seem to get much less tired when I run in newer territory.

The most interesting thing is that I have suffered almost no ill-effects whatsoever, even though the run was completely unplanned. I have no blisters on my feet and practically no soreness in my calves. I suspect the cold weather (minus two degrees) combined with the unplowed snow on the streets acted as a natural ice bath so to speak. Usually ice baths are applied after a run, for practical reasons I suspect ;), however having that effect throughout the run seems to have helped in preventing any blistering whatsoever. While the skin is cold, the inside of the feet is quite warm so no risk of frostbite. I did discover a small hole on the side of the right foot when I got in the shower. It's as if a needle had been used to make a hole in the skin. I can feel the muscles in my right foot today, so will be giving it some rest.

I've also noticed that running without socks in the VFF is far superior to running with socks. My pinky toes seem to get lodged a strange angle with socks which makes them hit the ground on the side which results in some pain in the nail. No socks have no such problems, however they get colder. They are the only toes that seem to suffer somewhat from the cold weather.

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